EDIFY Counselling & Training
EDIFY Counselling & Training
Our Work With Schools
In schools we offer:
TalkTime - which is emotional support for primary school children.  Children can refer themselves for a 15 minute session with a counsellor to share with them anything that's on their mind. This can be to share exciting things that are happening for them as well as any worries or concerns.
TalkTime2 - this is ongoing emotional support for primary school children, so a step up from one off TalkTime sessions. Children with specific issues that they need to work through would benefit from 6 - 8 weekly 30 minute sessions.
Counselling - Children are referred for in depth emotional work with a counsellor. Sessions vary between 30 - 50 minutes dependent upon the needs of the child.
Group work - we offer group workshops for children on Self Esteem, Identity, Resiliance and many more subjects.  We also offer bespoke sessions on request.
Staff Emotional Support/Supervision - we offer sessions for staff to explore their own emotional workload within their work setting or for more personal issues.  This usually takes place on a termly basis and is on a self-referral basis.
Staff training days - covering all aspects of wellbeing, emotional awareness and self development. Again, we are able to offer bespoke training to suit the needs of your team and school. 
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